Humans Are Not Made For Pedestals

December 11, 2009

Before the Tiger Woods hoopla I never paid attention to how much people put others on pedestals…. especially athletes, politicians, and clergyman. There is so much stock put into these people, they are constantly praised, and others raise their expectations and change their standards to be just like them (sometimes). It isnt until they get knocked down or they color outside the lines that they are thrown from their handmade alter. Some of us even praise them like Gods… but why is this? What makes this person worthy to be “exalted”?? So what they scored a winning field goal with 10 seconds on the clock or they became the first African-American president.. is this enough to place them up there with God? It’s okay to feel inspired by someone and their works, but it’s one thing to act as if this person could do no wrong or harm anyone or anything. One comment I remember that was made by a Facebook friend when the Tiger news broke was I thought he was too lame and corny to cheat… my question to that is- What made you think that he couldn’t be capable of that? Just cause he refered to himself as being Caublasian and mastered the sport of golf still didn’t remove his humanistic qualities.. So now after the many falls of greatness and disappointments that have been experienced from those we praise to highest will we start to think twice about our actions? Will we continue to praise these mortal God’s? More importantly, is there a fine line between inspiration and exaltation?

p.s. I am an Obama supporter 🙂


A Revival…..

December 10, 2009

So I took a break from posting & writing on here… started feeling uninspired and sometimes I just didn’t feel like writing, the purpose of this blog was for me to use it as an outlet to discuss anything and everything, especially my journey to 30. My goal for this blog was to write whatever can to mind whenever it came to mind, but I neglected that and kinda moved away from that… This morning as I was driving into work I got the grand idea that I do want to write but I definitely want it to be on my own terms and will probably not do it everyday… so I cleared allllll the old posts and am starting fresh and new! So lets see where this little journey leads….. Maybe tomorrow will be Day 1….